Lynn Bennett is an experienced consultant, educator, trainer and facilitator specializing in leadership and team development. She balances a very clear and challenging mind with a highly constructive approach to engage both clients and their teams in the process at hand. She has a proven track record of guiding today’s best leaders to break-through thinking.

Lynn believes that by focusing on our strengths and managing our vulnerabilities we are able to unlock vast energy stores and human potential. Both are needed to fuel idea generation, foster collaborative relationships and shape a bountiful future where all can grow and flourish. Through Lynn’s blended consulting-coaching approach her clients broaden and deepen their level of leadership intelligence by enhancing collective awareness and focusing on the future with its limitless stream of possibilities.

“I worked with Lynn during a particularly complex corporate transformation. Her advice and guidance were incredibly useful to me in transforming our corporate culture and building a high performing organization. She also guided me through my own career transition with dedication and insight.”
– Gord Graham MBA, Executive Director
– Auto Sector Retirees Health Care Trust

Lynn is the founder of Leadership Intelligence Inc. and since 2001, has worked with leading companies, assisting both business leaders and their teams to achieve their vision, enhance communication, streamline processes, and develop and launch projects that directly impact bottom-line performance.

On this site, Lynn shares her latest thinking on Leadership CoachingLeadership Development and Leadership Consulting.

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Making the Most of Your Consulting Relationship

“Many receive advice: few profit by it” – Publilius Syrus. When the game starts, you’re the one taking the field; you’re the one taking that penalty shot or making the save...

6 Situations That Will Benefit from Leadership Development

Managers have to do more with less; they face time crunches and budget crunches; they must perform well in crises as well as in more mundane day-to-day operations; they have to motivate, engage, and solicit...

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